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About Tapping . . .

EFT stands for "Emotional Freedom Techniques," and is a gentle and effective healing technique. EFT Tapping uses the body's own meridian energy system to regulate the nervous system. It is simple to learn and recognized by the American Psychological Association as an effective treatment for stress and trauma.

EFT Tapping is more than a quarter of a century old. Developed by Gary Craig, it combines Eastern medicine with modern Western pyschology, and is commonly used to address and release physical, mental and emotional issues.

During a typical EFT session, we tap lightly with the fingertips on key pressure points while focusing on a specific issue or concern. This simple, easy to learn and painless technique releases blocks in your body's natural meridian energy system that can be the cause of physical and emotional issues. EFT addresses the root cause of the issues which allows for deep and long lasting healing. The more we clear these energy blocks, the more peace and emotional freedom we manifest.

About The Tapping Practice . . .

Mission . . .

The Tapping Practice's mission is to provide heart centered healing to adults suffering from the symptoms of stress, anxiety and trauma, restoring clients to a full, balanced and resilient way of life.

Victoria Cryder, Certified EFT Practitioner

Victoria is a certified Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) practitioner and a founding member of the Newtown Trauma and Relief and Resiliency Project. She has been giving her time and talents to first responders, students and parents affected by the Sandy Hook Elementary School Tragedy using EFT.


In her practice, she works with clients who seek to move into what is possible for their lives. Her work with clients help to create the life they want to live, break free form their past and step into their divine selves.


Victoria’s unique blend of mind/body/soul understanding and heart centered intuition achieves remarkable results. Many clients feel as though their success with EFT is far beyond what they had previously been able to achieve using traditional therapeutic techniques. Victoria is an EFT International Certified Practitioner and a member of The EFT Guild. She resides in Sandy Hook with her husband and two children.

Private number: 203-313-1560

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